Our Company

National Athletic Training Service (NATS) provides educational and technical resources for coaches, athletes, parents and administrators in the area of sports medicine and athletic performance.  Our aim is to significantly decrease sports related injuries while increasing public awareness of the importance of a medical presents and knowhow in competitive athletics and recreational activities. Our goal, in support of the National Action Plan for Sports Safety©, is to assist in providing comprehensive programs in athletic health care and administration to prevent, and immediately manage, sports related injuries and illness.

As more and more of today’s youth are participating in some form of organized sports, there is an increased incident of sports related injury associated with improper training techniques, limited awareness, and minimal insight into the recognition and management of athletic injuries.  NATS is part of a growing campaign to educate, expand and refine skills necessary for reducing athletic injury and sports related trauma.  NATS offers structured clinics aimed at improving athletic performance while reducing the risk of preventable youth sports injuries.